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Hi guys

so sorry i haven’t blogged in a long time 0_o but i’ve been so busy its crazy, working and styling i haven’t had the time to blog or make video blogs but I promiseeeeeee this week i will do a video …. i’ve have some new hair to share with you guys… from some remy wavy suggestions to a beautiful curly suggestions for your holiday vacation….. that i’ve tried in the past but for now her’s


Brit’s Hair

I used two colors in her hair to give it some natural highlights

*2 packs of Janet Kings Yaki color 2

*1 pack of Janet’s Permed Yaki color1b

and I literally left out about just a tiny amount of her real hair on the left hand side for a path and ended up using about 2 1/5 packs of hair

Came out so cute 🙂

Brit's Hair

Brit's Hair