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Hair steaming is the process which is considerable by men and women both as this is the process which is proficient enough to serve people with the smoother and shinier hair. The hair steaming is beneficial as it serves your hair with the required moisture and hydration; these are the things that make your hair healthier, smoother, and happier. The best hair steamer will be recommended if you are willing to sustain the superior quality results.

The happy hair means happy you as the good hair enables you to enhance your personality easily. The moist heat in the hair steaming process encourages or enhances the blood flow to circulate more, and this is also considerable if you are willing to boost up your hair growth too. In this process, the steam present there is competent enough to lift up the hair cuticle while allowing this treatment or process to penetrate deeply.

How Can I Steam My Hair at Home?

In this process, hair does not get damaged if you consider certain things and do this process while being conscious enough towards your hair. The hair steaming can be easily done at home while making the least efforts, and all you have to do is to consider the steps described below. We have tried to elaborate on the steps that are easily considerable, and the person can do it by itself. So that the users will be at ease while getting the superior quality results just like salon at home.

Steps to consider while steaming the hair at home:

Steaming is the finest way to serve your scalp and hair with the required moisture, and it is proficient enough to boost up the blood flow there. When it comes to hair steaming, there are several steps that need to be preferred if you are willing to get a salon like results. So for serving the readers with ease, we are here along with the steps that can be done easily at home. These are the easiest steps that the person can perform without seeking help from outside.

How Can I Steam My Hair at Home?

Step: 1 (2 tablespoons – 30ml of conditioner is required)

Here we are with the initial step that is you need to apply the conditioner on your hair, start with squeezing out the conditioner from the bottle and rub it on your palms. The rubbing is one of the essential things that need to take place as it makes the conditioner warm so that it can efficiently serve the scalp with desired results.

Once you are done with it, then move on and apply the conditioner on your hair using the fingers, begin from the roots then come to the tips. Make sure that you have applied it on your entire head, the even coating of conditioner is necessary. You are free to consider applying your favorite oil instead of it, prefer applying the coconut oil or the olive oil as they are being denoted as the famous moisturizing options.

Step: 2 (wear a cap after conditioning)

If you are done with the step described above, then you need to wear the cap after conditioning your hair, do not wash off your hair now till the entire procedure get completed. Wearing a cap is mandatory as you need to keep the conditioner on your hair for a while till the time you can prepare for the next few steps.

Step: 3 (make the face cloth wet and wring it out)

Here we are with the next step you need to take the face cloth and make it wet by using the water, do not use the cold water you are allowed to use the hot water. Once it gets wet, then you need to squeeze the face cloth until there is no drop of water in it left. The squeezing is mandatory as the drops of hot water are proficient enough to burn your neck or skin where it drops off.

Shake the face cloth finely and check whether the drop of hot water is left or not; if you have the hair turban, then you can use it instead of the face cloth. But the face clothes work better; this is because of their size. If you don’t have any one of them, then you are allowed to use the similar sized cloth instead of the face one.

Step: 4 (put that cloth into the microwave for 2 minutes)

Now we are coming closer to the end; you need to put that face cloth which you have dried currently into the microwave as it will make it sure that there is no water left. The microwave will make that cloth hot, which is necessary for this procedure.

This will heat up the cloth, which will help you to steam your hair at home only easily. Considering such steps will enable you to get the salon like results at home only. When you take out the face cloth from microwave, then you will see steam coming out of it.

Step: 5 (put the face cloth on your shower cap)

Initial, you need to put that cloth on your shower cap and keep it for a certain period for the most exceptional results you need to wear another shower cap over that face cloth. This will prevent heat from getting outside and enable your hair to get the required moisture and steam. You need to keep such things on your head up to 30 minutes; meanwhile you can do anything you want.

Once you are done and kept those things on your head for 30 minutes, then you are allowed to rinse off the conditioner from your hair. Preferably take a bath in the cold water so that the hair will get the required properties and you will get the salon like results.


These were the steps that can be followed by anyone easily, and this is the Best Hair Steamer process that will help you to get a salon like results at home. You can do it while making the least efforts such a process enables you to get the most exquisite texture of hair.