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Hi guys

So as you know i’ve been trying to take better care of my body not only for summer but in general.

I received an email from someone saying

“The rest of my body reacts well to weight-lifting and exercise, but I can’t seem to improve my stomach.”

I’m in no way an expert but i can definitely share some secrets with you guys which have worked for me.

Apart from trying to do sit-ups at least 4 days a week as i showed you guys on a previous post, i’ve been seeing a lot of success with Birkam yoga in regards to my body shape. I think this is due to an increase in streching before working out and an increase in my in take of water.

I personally HATE drinking water …  i love juice so it’s been hard for me to transition to only water but that has definitely helped.

My weight Fluctuates so much and my body shape changes (i’m the only one who can see the change most times but it does occur) so before i started yoga i had noticed i had gained weight in my stomach section by about 6 inches

My Fitness update - Yoga 3 weeks Results

Past weight

Weight -145 pounds

Height – 5’7

Measurements – dress size – 4/6

Waist size – 26

My Fitness update - Yoga 3 weeks Results

NOW – Weight 

Weight -140 pounds 

Height – 5’7 

Measurements – dress size still 4/6 

Waist size – 23

So i haven’t lost a lot of weight which is good because i don’t really want to lose weight just improve my body shape and lose some face mass on my big head O_O lol.

How’s everyone doing with their summer diets 🙂 Please share i’m dying to know … especially

Anya Posh i rememberer you saying your healthy eating was going well!